The GEDCOM 5.5.1 Annotated Edition and GEDCOM 5.5.5 Specification were created by Tamura Jones, editor, and an expert team of technical reviewers.

Bob Coret
creator of Genealogy Online and Open Archives
Tim Forsythe
creator of Gigatrees and VGedX, the Gigatrees GEDCOM validator
Diedrich Hesmer
creator of Our Family Book and GEDCOM Service Programs
Andrew Hoyle
creator of Chronoplex My Family Tree and the Chronoplex GEDCOM Validator
Louis Kessler
creator of Behold, GEDCOM File Finder, and Double Match Triangulator
Kari Kujansuu
software developer for The Genealogy Society of Finland's Isotammi.net
Stanley Mitchell
creator of ezGED Viewer
Nigel Munro Parker
creator of the GED-inline GEDCOM validator
Keith Riggle
blogger & genealogy software reviewer